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Uzbekistan – the heart of Great Silk Road!

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Uzbekistan is one of the oldest countries in the world. The trading network ‘lapis lazuli’ was already founded in this area before the time of our reckoning. Traders transported lapis lazuli stones, precious rubies and other jewels with caravanserai via Uzbekistan (at that time the country was called «Turan») to China and Europe. Later, the ‘Great Silk Road’ was a further development of this trading network. The caravanserais transported via Turan the famous Chinese silk materials and chinaware, Samarkand silk paper, adras and atlas materials and other goods which were virtually unknown in Europe. Along these roads – still today – there are ancient, world-famous, historical and cultural trading and handicraft centers, the legendary towns of Samarkand, Buchara, Chiwa, Schachrisabz, Taschkent, Termez, Kokand and Margilan.
Uzbek literature is just as unique, admirable and fascinating as the country itself!
Over the course of almost 3000 years, the country was conquered by many invaders. The result was a cultural diversity which is revealed in the differing arts, customs and conventions of the country.
Uzbek literature describes these historical eras. You, dear reader, will discover so much about the country, the people, the culture, the customs and conventions, and get an idea of everyday life for the people in the present and the past. Uzbek literature is unfortunately virtually unknown in German-speaking countries. On my website you get the opportunity to get to know works from famous Uzbek authors.
On the page «Journeys» you can learn about my homeland Uzbekistan and its wonderful towns.

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